Online Medical Clinic

According to the method of coronary heart disease and with the aim of in-person consultation of patients with physicians, the medical clinic system has been set up. The medical clinic system has been designed and implemented using the latest technologies in the world. This system can be exploited and used without the need to install any additional software, only by using an Internet browser and high-speed Internet access.

Medical Clinic

Main Features

Video advice

Audio, video, text advice without the need for a mobile number and installation of additional software

Multiple languages

Online translation into 62 languages for patients from all over the world

Issuing prescription drugs

Issuing electronic prescriptions for patients

Medical Clinic
creative design

Our system is a comprehensive system of applied creativity.

Drug interactions

Drug interaction detection and drug interaction alert when prescribing

Money back guarantee

Money back guarantee in case of patient dissatisfaction

Other Awesome Features

Visit abroad

Patients access the system from other countries and receive counseling

Easy Login

Simple registration and entry for patients and doctors

Send SMS

Sending informational text messages from the time of registration to the end of the consultation for the patient and the doctor

Issuing prescription drugs

Issuing electronic prescriptions for patients

High Resolution

Very high speed in system implementation and fast response to user requests


This system is optimized (responsive) for all devices and can be run in all browsers

Quick Support

24-hour support 7 days a week via phone call and support ticket

24-hour support 7 days a week via phone call and support ticket Pardazeshgaran Co

Pardashegaran Hegmataneh Company is registered with Supreme Council of Informatics of I.R.Iran since 2003. The company has executed 12 national projects as well as a regional networking project. In view of increasing growth in the sector of information technology, the company is in contact with various experts in the field of web-based applications and AI software with the aim of large-scale sale of software applications. Pardazeshgaran Hegmataneh Company is the representative and subcontractor of Telmar-Kowsar Company for execution of national intranet networks. The national intranet connects all the centers of an organization or ministry nationwide through a wireless or leased-line links based on paired-wire telecommunication network. Chief Executive of the company is a Cisco and Microsoft certified network engineer. He has certifications of Network+, CCNA, CCNP and CCDE from Cisco and MCSE from Microsoft.

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